Above all, the Festival will be a big party for everybody!
Thu 19. Sept. – Sun 22. Sept.

The opening of the Festival will be on Thursday evening, with a show by the local comedian Lucio Gardin (stage in PIAZZA MALFATTI).

Then, music by RADIO ITALIA ANNI 60 and other forms of entertainment: an aerial acrobatic dance show (on Friday evening, in MALFATTI SQUARE), a tug of war demonstration and trial (on Saturday evening, in MALFATTI SQUARE), the Rovereto Children’s Choir (on Saturday evening, in the PERLASCA GARDENS) and Street Music with The Brut Brothers – Talenti Doc, musicians from the local band (on Saturday on Sunday, in CORSO BETTINI).

And don’t miss the spectacular Reckless Bike Show, on Saturday and Sunday, under the dome of the entrance to the MART!

On Saturday evening – another unmissable event, entitled “Vallagarina Stories”, in the MELOTTI AUDITORIUM, where we can hear fascinating accounts of incredible feats, share thoughts and have fun: the evening will be hosted by the local journalist Paolo Malfer and be accompanied by music with the Yellow Atmospheres

  • Riding for Peace – from Rovereto to Auschwitz, the experience of 4 brave local teenagers;
  • Beyond, a Disability with No Limits – with Alessandro CarbonHook and Daniela e-Flash;
  • On the Trail of History – riding from Russia to Borghetto, following the path of WW1 prisoners;
  • Crazy Runs – with Paolo Venturini (39km at -52°C) and Christian Modena (Miut Madeira, 115km).

Free show, limited seats available. 

During the show, the local Vallagarina Destination association will give a short talk about disability and will collect donations to purchase 3 innovative electrical hand-bikes, to be made available for free rental by disabled visitors to the area.

Year by year, Vallagarina is striving to increase opportunities for people with disabilities. Outdoor activity means wellbeing for everybody and there’s nothing like sport to create strong bonds between people and with the territory.

The City Park, in particular, (Bosco della Città) is a very special place. It’s especially easy to reach from the town centre and has clear, wide paths and trails, with amazing views over the valley. It is a real flagship for the region, which is ready to welcome diversely-abled people, thanks also to the wide network of flat cycle tracks.

The Vallagarina Experience Festival will give you a warm welcome: this beautiful valley is at the southern part of Trentino and we like to imagine it as an open door, to everybody.