A pleasure for the senses: discover the best of our local produce!
Sat 19. Sept. – Sun 20. Sept.

On Saturday and Sunday, among the travel & outdoor stands in CORSO BETTINI, there will also be food and drink stands: one single ticket will permit you to indulge yourself in a wonderful gourmet experience, selecting your choice of the best local produce from a special, exclusive menu.

There will be different options: 

  • Single Drink – 1 glass of wine or beer;
  • Menù 1 – starter / a choice of a main course / 2 glasses of wine or beer / water, coffee and liqueur (non-alcoholic option available);
  • Menù 2 – starter / main course / second course / dessert / 4 glasses of wine or beer / water, coffee and liqueur.

Avoid the queues and pre-order your tickets now! Tickets will be available for collection at a special counter.
Click here.

You will find another Food Area inside the PERLASCA GARDENS, where you can try the food typically served at local village festivities (“magnar rustego”).

As we care about the environment, for the Gourmet Experience you will receive bread plates and biodegradable cutlery, whereas inside the Gardens there will be proper ceramic plates and steel cutlery. 


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