Vallagarina: a land of ideas, where nature and sport make a perfect mix!

If you love nature, you have come to the right place. In Vallagarina you’ll find enchanting woods, majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, rolling hills and romantic vineyards. And then historical hamlets, dreamy castles and magnificent palaces, First World War tunnels and trenches, museums and art galleries, music and local festivals dedicated to food & wine.

The Vallagarina Experience Festival will certainly give you a warm welcome: this beautiful valley is located in northern Italy, in the southern part of Trentino, and we like to imagine it as an open door, to everybody.

Historically an important link between diverse regions and cultures, Vallagarina now welcomes its visitors with a virtually unchanged landscape. The entire area is a true paradise for outdoor activities, in every season. Its beating heart is Rovereto – easy to reach by train (even high-speed ones) and, thanks to its flat morphology, a perfect place to explore by bike. Vallagarina is nestled between some of the most beautiful mountain peaks of the region, which form a natural arena around the historical town of Rovereto (Trentino Arena Experience). It has a typical pre-Alpine landscape, a sort of foyer to the Dolomite mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage area, which lies just a bit further north.   

First of all, Mount Stivo (2054m), from whose summit you can enjoy a fabulous view over Lake Garda on one side and Vallagarina on the other. On its wooded slopes, one of the most enchanting places in Trentino, there is the lovely Lake Cei. Fir trees and centenary beech trees open up and frame a body of water with incredible colours which are different in every season. And among water lilies, rare blue irises and reed beds nest wild ducks with feathers just as beautifully resplendent in their colours. A bit higher up, wide meadows in springtime are covered in peonies, wild tulips, anemones, Alpine buttercups, gentians and primroses. Even higher, cows and horses graze lazily on lake-view mountain pastures.

Next to Mount Stivo there’s Mount Baldo (2218m), one of whose slopes descend vertiginously to Lake Garda, while the other overlooks the vineyards of Vallagarina. In winter, its white-capped peaks will ensure fun for those who love snow. And the other seasons are not to be outdone: flowering meadows in spring, magnificent view-points over Lake Garda in summer and colourful beech-woods in autumn. Already known by the year 1500 as Hortus Italiae, the Garden of Italy, the Baldo Park is characterized by rich biodiversity. For centuries it has been a popular destination for naturalists, chemists, pharmacists and experts in botany and geology. Recently, it has been nominated to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The other peaks are no less interesting: FinonchioZugnaPasubio and Lessini are well appreciated for both trekking and bike tours.

Lake Garda is just a stone’s throw from Rovereto and is easy to reach by bicycle. It has a unique climate: mild days during winter, warm but never unbearably hot days during the long summer. It’s a really magical place, nestled between mountains and olive groves. And its crystal-clear waters and reliable winds will give both beginners and sports pros alike an incomparable emotional experience.

Vallagarina is a real experience and this current Festival stems from our desire to show it to you, so that you can discover and enjoy, with us, all its hidden gems!

19-22 September: save the date!


During the Festival we will officially launch a new project called Trentino Arena Experience: a network of itineraries, carefully mapped and scheduled, which will enable you to actively discover the region!